The original photo bomber

mom-photobombWith the recent slew of photo bombing images on the web, I remember that I actually had one floating around the house. This was taken way back in probably 1981, or so, I was probably 17 and my mom was being completely goofy. I know she hates this picture, but that’s o.k. because I love this picture of her having fun and letting loose. There really isn’t much else to say about this except ah to be young again…and remember when getting a tan wasn’t such a bad thing?  Until my next post….

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Lavender/Vanilla Vodka … the application of

Ok, last night fun was had by all.  My friend Corey came over and made us dinner, Wolf made the drinks…I flitted around making sure everything was going well. After a wonderful meal, we adjourned upstairs to initiate Corey into the world of Pulp Fiction. Yep, he’d never seen it, so we decided it was time for him to get some cultural literacy. I don’t know how he liked it, maybe because so many movies have been made since then that emulate the style, it wasn’t as spectacular for him as it was for us when we first saw it back in the dark ages.

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Lavender/Vanilla Vodka continued….

Lavender/Vanilla Vodka without lavender flowers

Vodka without lavender flowers after 1 1/2 days of steeping. Vanilla bean is still there.

Last night we tried the vodka to see how well it was doing. The Wolf and I both agreed that the lavender flavor was definitely far enough long that it would be prudent to strain out the lavender flowers.  There would be no benefit in leaving the flowers in any longer. I did feel though that the vanilla flavor could still be enhanced with some more time, so back in went the vanilla bean.

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