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Hi, yes, it’s better to be late to the table than not make it at all. So why should I blog? Good question. I have always wondered if I actually had anything interesting to say that I wouldn’t mind the entire world..yes..the entire world…reading.

I’m not really an expert at anything, I have my opinion, but does it really count? But the one thing I have had people tell me I should do is become a restaurant reviewer and maybe share some of my cooking skills with them. I also think I have a pretty good take on movies and certain products in the retail establishment that are either really worth having, or just don’t bother with.

So that’s where I will start. Hopefully I won’t make too much of a fool of myself and I encourage people to comment on my opinion pieces with either their own ideas or if you just disagree; I want to know that too.


Cue the blog.

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