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Lavender/Vanilla Vodka continued….

Last night we tried the vodka to see how well it was doing. The Wolf and I both agreed that the lavender flavor was definitely far enough long that it would be prudent to strain out the lavender flowers. There would be no benefit in leaving the flowers in any longer. I did feel though that the vanilla flavor could still be enhanced with some more time, so back in went the vanilla bean.

On a side note, being incredibly lazy last night, I strained out the lavender and left the strainer with flowers in the sink. When I got up this morning I realized that the flowers that had started to dry still had an amazing smell to them, just a hint of vanilla and it’s like the vodka preserved them. I am definitely going to keep the flowers for a while in a sealed jar so that during the long winter (which I really just get this feeling it’s going to be) I can pop open the jar when I’m studying and remember the summer of 2011 that will seem so far away in February.

Now we are back to the waiting game of the continued infusion of the vodka, but time has a way of moving along, so I’m not too worried about the wait.

I’m starting to think that this drink will be a very nice vodka tonic, gimlet or a nice lemonade enhancer. Looking forward to giving it a try.

Until next time. Ta ta.

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